Sputnik DSCH

2023-08-08T23:42:24+02:00 August 8th, 2023|Exhibition|

Sputnik DSCH

38 collages en mouvement

(Animated movies)


„Sputnik DSCH“

sequel of 12 concerts over 3 years (2022/23/24)

Performed by 



MAKK – Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln

The original idea of ​​producing a real 3D stage set and placing it beside the performing musicians turned out to be impracticable because the cinema hall of the museum does not offer the technical requirements.

(Large “Baba-Yaga” as a kind of lantern, in the window of which shine photos/projections to be updated with reference to the respective evening)

It is more obvious and useful as well to work with projections in a cinema.

For the stage projection an animated film, a “collage en mouvement”, is produced custom-made for each sigle piece of music performed.

– Each little film is a collage of silhouettes, photos and slow-motion rides over your own panel paintings.

– The “collage en mouvement”,will be projected behind the musicians during the concert.

– The shadows of the quartet members are an integral part of the moving images